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Do Goldendoodles Like Water? Plus Goldendoodles Swimming Tips

Goldendoodles are a popular hybrid dog breed that is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are known for being intelligent, friendly, gentle, and affectionate family dogs. One common question that prospective Goldendoodle owners often ask is whether Goldendoodles like water and enjoy swimming. Understanding a dog’s affinity for water can help owners provide proper exercise, enrichment, and bonding opportunities.

In this article, we will explore whether Goldendoodles like water, their natural swimming abilities, safety considerations, and tips for teaching Goldendoodles to swim and enjoy water activities.

Do Goldendoodles Like Water?

Do Goldendoodles Like Water?

Yes, Goldendoodles love the water, and they also love swimming while playing different games. Since Goldendoodles are bred from Golden Retrievers and Poodles, they have a high likelihood of inheriting traits like enjoying water and being strong swimmers. However, each dog has their own personality, so liking water will vary from dog to dog.

Golden Retriever Influence

Golden Retrievers are famously loving water dogs. Historically, they were bred to retrieve downed waterfowl, meaning they had to eagerly jump in the water and swim to accomplish their job. Today, Goldens continues to thrive on swimming, playing fetch, and just splashing around.

Poodle Influence

Poodles were originally bred as water retrievers in Germany. While they no longer primarily serve that role, Poodles still tend to be attracted to water. They have a moisture-resistant curly coat that provides insulation and buoyancy for swimming.

Since Goldendoodles are bred from these two water-loving breeds, many inherit an affinity for water, swimming, and retrieving. It’s not uncommon to see videos of Goldendoodles happily frolicking at the beach or pool.

However, even with a strong water-loving lineage, each individual Goldendoodle may feel differently about getting wet. Their comfort level can be influenced by early experiences and socialization around water when young. Confident swimmers are often exposed to water activities starting as puppies.

Goldendoodle Swimming Abilities

Goldendoodle Swimming Abilities

While an affinity for water varies from dog to dog, most Goldendoodles are actually capable swimmers due to their genetics.

Here are some of the traits that make Goldendoodles well-equipped for swimming and water play:

  • Webbed Paws – Both Golden Retrievers and Poodles tend to have webbed feet, which help propel them through the water like little paddles. Goldendoodles often inherit these helpful webbed paws.
  • Athletic Build – Goldendoodles have a robust athletic physique from their Golden Retriever and Poodle lineage. This muscular build helps them power through the water.
  • Water-Resistant Coat – The Poodle contributes a curly, moisture-resistant coat that provides insulation and buoyancy in the water.
  • Stamina – With good cardiovascular endurance from daily exercise needs, Goldendoodles can swim for decent durations.
  • Natural Retrieving Instinct – The ancestry of retrieving waterfowl leads to strong swimming instincts to fetch toys or objects in the water.

So, while an individual Goldendoodle may like water more or less based on their personality, most are physically equipped for swimming due to their genetics. Proper socialization and positive early experiences can help build up water confidence.

Safety Considerations for Goldendoodles Swimming

Safety Considerations for Goldendoodles Swimming

While many Goldendoodles thrive in water, there are some important safety precautions owners should take for their dog’s wellbeing. Here are some top tips:

Supervise at All Times

Never leave your Goldendoodle unsupervised around water. Accidents and drownings can happen quickly, so always directly watch your dog any time they are in or around the water. This includes pools, beaches, lakes, ponds, and more.

Use a Life Jacket

Have your Goldendoodle wear a well-fitted doggy life jacket for any extended swimming or boating. The buoyancy aid adds an additional layer of protection if your dog gets tired or has issues. Look for a Coast Guard-approved flotation device.

Watch for Fatigue

While energetic, Goldendoodles can get tired in the water, just like people. Make sure your dog takes adequate breaks from swimming. Bring them back to shore to rest if you notice heavy panting or any struggle to keep swimming.

Rinse Off After

Freshwater sources like lakes or ponds can harbor organisms like bacteria, parasites, and algae. Rinse your Goldendoodle with clean water after swimming to prevent skin, ear, or health issues. Also, the towel dries their coat well.

No Pool Chemicals

Avoid letting your Goldendoodle swim right after pool chemicals have been added, as ingesting or swimming in these can be toxic to dogs. Wait for the advised period before allowing access again.

By taking the proper precautions, you can encourage safe, enjoyable swimming experiences for your water-loving Goldendoodle! Always be attentive and use good judgment when introducing dogs to any new water source or activity.

Tips for Teaching Goldendoodles to Swim

Tips for Teaching Goldendoodles to Swim

If you have a Goldendoodle puppy or adult dog that seems hesitant around water, you can use positive training methods to teach them to become comfortable swimmers. Here are some helpful tips on how you can introduce your Goldendoodle to water:

Start Slow

Don’t just toss a reluctant dog into deep water! Begin by just getting them accustomed to shallow areas, like wading pools or calm shorelines. Reward with treats for any interaction with water.

Use Life Jackets

Life jackets help create confidence and buoyancy for novice doggy swimmers. Secure one early in training so they associate water play with the vest.

Practice on Leash

Keep your Goldendoodle on a leash as you first work on water introduction. This allows control to gently encourage and reinforce engagement with the water.

Make It Fun!

Incorporate favorite toys to create positive associations. Throw balls or floating toys into shallow areas and reward your dog for retrieving them. Retrieving drives will kick in once they get comfortable.

Swim Together

If possible, walk into the water with your Goldendoodle on a leash. Stroke and paddle to demonstrate swimming. Your presence can give confidence.

Reward All Milestones

Verbal praise, treats, and play should immediately follow any water interactions or swimming attempts to reinforce the behavior. Celebrate small goals like walking through shallow water.

Be Patient

Some dogs take quite a few sessions before feeling fully at ease in the water. Don’t force things. Move slowly based on your individual dog’s reactions. Praise all progress.

With encouragement, time, and rewards, even originally hesitant Goldendoodles can learn to happily swim, fetch water toys, and splash around just like the breed loves.

Providing Swimming Opportunities for Goldendoodles

Providing Swimming Opportunities for Goldendoodles

Once your Goldendoodle is swimming savvy, make sure to provide ongoing access and opportunities to enjoy their water skills. Here are some great ways to let your water-loving dog paddle and play:

  • Take frequent trips to lakes, rivers, or beaches. Search for dog-friendly areas where they can explore, wade, swim, and play fetch. Always supervise.
  • Install a doggie pool in your backyard during warm months. Choose a large enough size so they can really swim around. Add exciting toys like floating balls or sticks.
  • Find a nearby dog swimming facility. Some cities have pools just for dogs to provide a safe, clean environment with lifeguards. Great option if there is no yard access.
  • Take your Goldendoodle boating or kayaking. Helpful to have them wear a doggy life vest. They can trail alongside or hop in for occasional swims.
  • Play water games at home involving their favorite toys, sprinklers, hoses, and kiddie pools. Make every day a chance to play with water.
  • Give swimming as a reward. After a walk, training session, or as part of a bath/grooming routine, allow free-form swim time to reinforce desired behavior.

Goldendoodles often just need an opportunity to do what comes naturally – swim! Satisfy their aquatic needs, and you’ll have a healthier, happier companion.

Final Tips for Goldendoodles Enjoying Water

Final Tips for Goldendoodles Enjoying Water

Here are a few final tips for maximizing safe, enriching water fun for your Goldendoodle:

  • Always provide ample fresh, clean water – both for drinking and splashing.
  • Introduce water slowly and use ample rewards to build confidence.
  • Directly supervise anytime your Goldendoodle is in or around water.
  • Use a doggy life jacket for safety, especially in open water.
  • Rinse off your dog after lake or pond swims to prevent skin and health issues.
  • Seek dog-friendly beaches, rivers, lakes, and monitored pools/facilities for swimming spots.
  • Make water play rewarding by incorporating favorite toys and activities.
  • Know your dog’s stamina and allow adequate rest from swimming activity.
  • Celebrate all of your Goldendoodle’s water adventures – they were born to make waves.

So, while each individual Goldendoodle may have varying attraction to water, providing swimming opportunities allows them to live out the aqua-loving instincts they were bred for. Follow basic precautions, use rewards-based training, and get ready for some enjoyable water fun with your Goldendoodle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Goldendoodles natural swimmers?

Yes, Goldendoodles tend to be natural swimmers thanks to the genetics inherited from their Poodle and Golden Retriever lineage. Both parent breeds have a history of excelling at water retrieving and swimming. Goldendoodles often have helpful physical traits like webbed paws, waterproof coats, athletic builds, and endurance that make them adept swimmers as well.

Why do Goldendoodles love water?

Goldendoodles love water because they are descended from Poodles and Golden Retrievers who were originally bred as water retrievers. They inherited the traits and instincts of their parent breeds, including an affinity for swimming, splashing, running through water, and fetching toys from lakes or pools. Water play satisfies their natural desires.

What do Goldendoodles love the most?

Goldendoodles love interacting with their owners and families the most. They thrive when getting attention, playing, cuddling, and participating in activities with their favorite people. Goldendoodles are very affectionate and aim to please, so quality time bonding with owners is what they love most.

What do Goldendoodles not like?

Goldendoodles generally do not like being left alone for long periods. As companion dogs are bred to be social, they can develop separation anxiety if frequently left by themselves. Goldendoodles also usually dislike punishments or scolding. Positive reinforcement suits their people-pleasing personalities better for training.

Are Goldendoodles prone to anything?

Goldendoodles can be prone to ear infections due to their floppy ears and allergy issues from the Poodle genetics. Regular ear cleaning and grooming help prevent infections. Their curly coats also require consistent brushing and maintenance to avoid matting. Some lines may be prone to joint issues like hip dysplasia as larger dogs.


Goldendoodles typically have a natural love of water inherited from their Poodle and Golden Retriever lineage. However, each dog will have their own unique personality when it comes to enjoying swimming and other water activities.

For Goldendoodles that are hesitant around water, taking the time to slowly introduce swimming using positive reinforcement and rewards can help build their confidence. Patience and persistence are key. Once comfortable with aquatics, Goldendoodles will thrive with frequent opportunities to swim, splash, and play fetch in lakes, pools, beaches, and more under proper supervision.

Satisfying their desire to be in water not only provides enriching mental and physical exercise but also helps strengthen the overall bond with your Goldendoodle. So embrace your water-oriented Goldendoodle and be prepared to make waves.

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