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How to Give a Goldendoodle a Teddy Bear Cut? [Groom Your Doodle]

Are you struggling to give your Goldendoodle that adorable teddy bear look? The teddy bear cut, known for its rounded face and fluffy body, is a popular style among Goldendoodle owners. But how to give a Goldendoodle a teddy bear cut? Is it possible? Yes, of course, it is possible.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through step by step how to achieve this cuddly aesthetic at home with the proper grooming tools and techniques.

Let’s dive in to discover how to successfully transform your Goldendoodles into a huggable teddy bear.

Unveiling the Perfect Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Haircut

Unveiling the Perfect Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Haircut

When it comes to achieving the perfect teddy bear haircut for your poodle, understanding the breed and different types of haircuts is essential.

Understanding the Teddy Bear Goldendoodle

The Teddy Bear Goldendoodle is aptly named for its fluffy, adorable appearance that resembles a huggable teddy bear. Achieving this look involves trimming the hair around the body to an even length, often between 0.5 to 2 inches, based on preference.

Care and precision are required while cutting near the skin and removing excess hair from areas like ears and muzzle where longer fur is needed for maintaining the teddy bear image.

The main charm of this haircut style lies in shaping the face with scissors into a rounded form similar to our plush friends, ensuring neatness around paws and facial region. What makes it desirable among pet owners is that despite being a popular choice for long-haired breeds such as Shih Tzus, Bichons, or Pomeranians, it’s equally attractive on your Goldendoodle, giving them an enchanting cuddle-worthy appeal.

Different Types of Goldendoodle Haircuts

There are various types of haircuts that can be given to a Goldendoodle, including:

  1. Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut: This popular haircut involves trimming the hair on the outer edges of the ears to maintain a natural look. The face is rounded using scissors while leaving the hair around the ears and muzzle longer for that teddy bear appearance.
  2. Puppy Cut: This cut gives your Goldendoodle a youthful look by trimming the hair to an even length all over its body, except for the stomach. It is great for keeping them comfortable during warmer months.
  3. Lamb Cut: This cut mimics the appearance of a fluffy little lamb by leaving the fur longer on its body and legs. The face is usually trimmed short while maintaining longer hair around the neck.
  4. Sporting Cut: If your Goldendoodle loves an active lifestyle, this cut may be ideal. The body is clipped shorter all over to make maintenance easier while leaving the tail and feathers on their legs slightly longer.

Essential Tools for Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Groom Trim

Essential Tools for Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Groom Trim

To achieve a perfect teddy bear cut for your Goldendoodle, you will need essential grooming style tools such as a slicker brush, stainless steel comb, clippers, scissors, and an electric trimmer.

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is an essential tool for grooming a Goldendoodle. With its fine, short wire bristles, it effectively removes tangles and mats from the dog’s coat. Regular brushing with a slicker brush helps to prevent matting and keeps the fur looking neat and tidy.

It also helps distribute natural oils throughout the coat, promoting a healthy shine. When using a slicker brush, remember to be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure to avoid causing discomfort or skin irritation.

By incorporating regular use of a slicker brush into your Goldendoodle’s grooming routine, you can keep their coat looking smooth and beautiful.

Stainless Steel Comb

To achieve a teddy bear cut for your Goldendoodle, one essential tool you’ll need is a stainless steel comb. This comb helps to detangle and smooth out the hair, creating a polished and neat appearance.

The stainless steel material is durable and long-lasting, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning. With its fine teeth, the comb can effectively work through knots while preventing any discomfort to your furry friend.

By using a stainless steel comb during the grooming process, you can ensure that your Goldendoodle’s coat looks sleek and well-groomed for that adorable teddy bear look.


Clippers are an essential tool for grooming your Goldendoodle’s hair. They are used to trim the body and maintain a consistent length all over, except for the stomach. When using clippers, it’s important to be cautious and avoid cutting too close to the skin or removing too much hair.

Additionally, the traditional teddy bear Goldendoodle haircut involves clipping the hair on the dog’s body to a length of 2 to 3 inches. Clippers help achieve this neat and tidy look, giving your Goldendoodle that adorable and cuddly appearance.

Remember to use clippers with guard attachments for different lengths and always follow safety guidelines when grooming your pet.


Scissors are an essential tool for giving your Goldendoodle a teddy bear cut. They allow you to trim the hair around the ears and muzzle to create that adorable, rounded face shape.

When using scissors, it’s important to be careful not to cut too close to the skin or remove too much hair. This will help maintain a natural look while achieving the desired teddy bear appearance.

Additionally, scissors can also be used to trim the hair on the face and paws, keeping them neat and tidy. With scissors in hand, you’ll have the power to give your Goldendoodle a perfectly groomed and cuddly look!

Electric Trimmer

To achieve the perfect teddy bear cut for your Goldendoodle, an electric trimmer is an essential tool. This device allows you to trim the hair on your dog’s body to a uniform length, giving them that adorable and cuddly appearance.

Make sure to choose a trimmer with adjustable blades so you can control the length of the hair. With the electric trimmer, you’ll be able to maintain a neat and well-groomed look for your furry friend.

Step-by-Step Instructions for a Teddy Bear Cut

Step-by-Step Instructions for a Teddy Bear Cut

To achieve a Goldendoodle teddy bear haircut, follow these step-by-step instructions. Here is how to give a Goldendoodle a teddy bear cut:

  1. Start by brushing your Goldendoodle’s coat thoroughly with a slicker brush to remove any tangles or mats.
  2. Use a stainless steel comb to comb through the hair, ensuring it is smooth and free of knots.
  3. Trim the hair on the body of your Goldendoodle to an even length, using clippers set to the desired length. Remember to leave the hair on the stomach slightly longer for a natural look.
  4. Use scissors to trim around the ears, creating a rounded shape that resembles a teddy bear’s face. Be careful not to cut too close to the skin or remove too much hair.
  5. Leave the hair around the ears and muzzle longer, as this contributes to the teddy bear look. Use scissors to shape and blend the longer hair into the rest of the coat.
  6. Trim the hair on your Goldendoodle’s face and paws for a neat appearance. Use scissors or an electric trimmer, depending on your preference and comfort level.
  7. Throughout the grooming process, take breaks if needed and offer treats or praise to keep your Goldendoodle calm and cooperative.

FAQs for Teddy Bear Goldendoodle Haircuts

How long does the teddy bear cut typically last on a Goldendoodle?

The length of time that a teddy bear cut lasts on a Goldendoodle can vary depending on factors such as the dog’s hair growth rate and how well it is maintained. On average, the teddy bear cut can last anywhere from four to six weeks before needing another trim.

Can I achieve a teddy bear cut at home, or should I go to a professional groomer?

While it is possible to achieve a teddy bear cut at home, it may be more challenging for beginners. It requires precise trimming techniques and knowledge of grooming tools. If you are unsure or prefer a professional touch, it is recommended to visit an experienced groomer who specializes in Goldendoodle haircuts.

What grooming tools do I need to achieve a teddy bear cut on my Goldendoodle?

To achieve a proper teddy bear cut, you will need essential grooming tools such as slicker brushes, stainless steel combs, clippers with various guard attachments, scissors for precision trimming, and electric trimmers for hard-to-reach areas like paws and face.

How often should I brush my Goldendoodle’s coat between haircuts?

Regular brushing plays an important role in maintaining your Goldendoodle’s coat between haircuts. Aim for daily brushing sessions using slicker brushes or stainless steel combs to prevent matting and keep their fur tangle-free.

What are some tips for preventing mats in my Goldendoodle’s fur during regular maintenance?

To prevent mats from forming in your Goldendoodle’s fur during regular maintenance, ensure thorough drying after baths or wet outdoor activities. Regularly check behind the ears, armpits, groin area, and paw pads for any signs of matting and promptly remove them using appropriate grooming tools.

Can I bathe my Goldendoodle before giving them a teddy bear cut?

Yes, you can bathe your Goldendoodle before giving them a teddy bear cut. It is advisable to wash and thoroughly dry their coat before trimming, as clean hair is easier to work with and allows for even cutting.

What should I do if I accidentally trim too much of my Goldendoodle’s hair during a teddy bear cut?

If you accidentally trim too much of your Goldendoodle’s hair during a teddy bear cut, don’t panic. The hair will eventually grow back. In the meantime, you can consult with a.


Achieving a teddy bear cut for your Goldendoodle is a fun and adorable way to groom them. With the right tools and techniques, you can trim their hair to create a cute and cuddly appearance.

Remember to be careful when trimming around the ears and face, maintaining a natural look while keeping them neat and stylish. Give your Goldendoodle a teddy bear cut, and watch them become even more irresistible. So now you know how to give a Goldendoodle a teddy bear cut.

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