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Meet Your New Best Friend: The Phantom Bernedoodle

The phantom bernedoodle is a relatively new hybrid dog breed that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a cross between a poodle, a Bernese mountain dog, and an Australian labradoodle. This unique mix results in a friendly, playful, and intelligent dog that makes a wonderful family pet.

In this article, we will explore the origins of the phantom bernedoodle, its appearance, temperament, grooming needs, exercise requirements, and health concerns. Read on to learn all about this amazing hybrid dog!

Origins of Phantom Bernedoodle

The phantom bernedoodle is believed to have originated within the last 10-15 years in North America. Breeders started crossing poodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and Australian Labradoodles in an attempt to create a low to a non-shedding dog with an affectionate personality. The aim was to produce a dog with the intelligence of a poodle, the loyalty of a Bernese mountain dog, and the friendliness of a Labradoodle.

The resulting phantom bernedoodle combines the best traits from each of its parent breeds into one dog. They inherited the playfulness and eagerness to please of the poodle, the calm and patient nature of the Bernese mountain dog, and the sociable and energetic spirit of the Australian labradoodle.

Although there is no extensive documentation for the origins of this, phantom bernedoodles have quickly become a popular choice for families looking for a smart, friendly pup.


The phantom bernedoodle can vary significantly in appearance since it is a cross between three different breeds. However, there are some common physical characteristics.

Phantom bernedoodles are medium to large in size, typically weighing 45-80 pounds at full growth. They usually stand 18-26 inches tall at the shoulder. Their coat is one of their most defining features. It is thick, fluffy and soft like a poodle’s coat but tends to shed less than a bernese mountain dog coat.

Phantom bernedoodles can have straight or wavy fur. Common coat colors include black, brown, white, silver and cream. The “phantom” in their name refers to their tri-colored coat pattern with base white fur and secondary black and brown markings.

Phantom bernedoodles often have a sturdy, athletic build similar to a Bernese mountain dog. They have a broad head, floppy ears, and expressive, intelligent eyes. Their muzzle is usually shorter than a purebred poodle’s. Their tails are long and feathery. Overall, the phantom bernedoodle combines the best physical traits from its parent breeds for a strong yet cuddly appearance.


The phantom bernedoodle is known for having a friendly, sociable, and playful personality. Since the breed is a hybrid, temperament can vary depending on which parent breed is more dominant. However, phantom bernedoodles are often described as goofy, patient, and affectionate dogs.

They love being around people and get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized. Phantom bernedoodles are usually eager to please and highly trainable thanks to their poodle lineage. They are energetic dogs that enjoy playtime and outdoor adventures with their families.

From their Bernese mountain dog parent, phantom bernedoodles often inherit a calm, loyal spirit. They become very attached to their owners and aim to be life-long, devoted companions. With their sweet nature and high intelligence, phantom bernedoodles make ideal family pets.


The phantom bernedoodle has high grooming needs due to its thick, fluffy coat. Daily brushing is recommended to prevent matting and tangles. Most owners choose to get their phantom bernedoodle clipped every 6-8 weeks by a professional groomer. Their fur should be washed only when dirty to avoid stripping the coat of essential oils.

Phantom bernedoodles do shed minimally but are not considered hypoallergenic. Their fur picks up leaves, dirt, and debris easily and will require frequent brushing. Their floppy ears should be checked weekly for infection.

Teeth brushing 2-3 times a week is important for dental health. Nails may need to be trimmed often depending on activity levels. Overall, the phantom bernedoodle’s luscious coat requires thorough upkeep.


Phantom bernedoodles have moderate exercise needs. They are energetic dogs that require 30-60 minutes of activity per day. Long walks, jogs, hikes, and play sessions help meet their exercise quota.

As working breeds originally developed for farm life, phantom bernedoodles also appreciate having a job or task to complete. Activities like agility, obedience training, retrieving games, and canine sports are great outlets for their mental and physical energy.

Phantom bernedoodles enjoy open spaces to run and explore, but apartment life is possible with proper daily exercise. A securely fenced backyard is ideal. Without an outlet for their energy, phantom bernedoodles may resort to destructive chewing or barking. Providing the recommended amount of daily activity will keep this hybrid both fit and well-behaved.


The phantom bernedoodle is generally a healthy breed with a life expectancy of 10-14 years. However, like all dogs, they are prone to certain health conditions that prospective owners should be aware of.

From their poodle lineage, phantom bernedoodles may inherit luxating patellas, eye disease, and skin allergies. Bernese mountain dog health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia could also affect this breed.

Some common health problems seen in phantom bernedoodles include hip dysplasia, eye diseases like progressive retinal atrophy, skin allergies, bloat, and cancer. Reputable breeders will screen breeding dogs for these conditions to minimize risk in puppies.

Phantom bernedoodle owners need to keep up with routine veterinary care. Annual exams, bloodwork, dental cleanings, and preventatives like flea/tick and heartworm medication help keep this breed healthy. Owners should also monitor their dog’s weight, provide nutritious food, and limit strenuous exercise until the dog is fully grown.

Finding a Breeder

Finding a responsible phantom bernedoodle breeder is key to getting a happy, healthy puppy. Be sure to ask about parent health clearances, genetic testing, socialization practices and more.

A good breeder will welcome questions, have their dogs on site, and raise puppies in a clean, enriching environment. Steer clear of breeders who seem focused only on profit or have multiple litters available.

The best way to locate a reputable phantom bernedoodle breeder is through referrals from veterinarians, breed clubs, and satisfied customers.

Be prepared to wait, as quality breeders often have waiting lists due to high demand for their puppies. Patience and diligent research will pay off with a healthy, well-adjusted phantom bernedoodle pup.

Is the Phantom Bernedoodle Right for You?

The friendly, playful phantom bernedoodle makes a wonderful family dog for those willing to keep up with their grooming and exercise needs. Their intelligence and eagerness to please make training easy.

Phantom bernedoodles thrive when included in family activities and adventures. Their medium size makes them adaptable to any living situation. Phantom bernedoodles get along well with children, pets, and polite strangers thanks to their sociable temperament.

These hybrids form deep bonds with their owners and aim to be lifelong companions. For an affectionate, cheerful pup, the phantom bernedoodle has many qualities prospective owners will love. They make perfect pets for active individuals and families looking to add a friendly new member to their household.


The phantom bernedoodle is a devoted, loving hybrid gaining popularity for good reason. This intelligent crossbreed combines the best traits of poodles, Bernese mountain dogs, and Australian labradoodles.

With their fun-loving personality, stunning tri-colored coats, and loyalty toward their families, phantom bernedoodles are ideal canine companions.

Although grooming and moderate activity needs must be met, owners will find this breed to be a wonderful, lifelong furry friend. The phantom bernedoodle is truly a special dog destined to become a treasured family member.

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