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Is Wolfhound Poodle Cross Intriguing You As Well?

The wolfhound poodle cross (Whoodle) is a charming mix that has stolen the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. It combines the gentle giant Irish Wolfhound with the highly intelligent and versatile Poodle. The breed is popular for its friendly temperament and stunning appearance – it’s the ideal companion in terms of both socializing and adaptability. People often go after this hybrid not only for its unique look but also because of its hypoallergenic coat, which usually comes from their poodle parent.

This ultimate guide will cover everything there is to know about Whoodles. Starting from understanding their physical attributes, character traits, health care tips, training requirements, etc., every potential Whoodle owner should have the necessary knowledge that will guarantee comfort throughout his or her life with such an adorable furry friend.

Whether thinking about getting one into your family or just curious about what could be more interesting than these two breeds combined – read on!

Origins And History of Wolfhound Poodle Cross

Designer dogs have become increasingly popular in recent years where different purebred dogs are crossed intentionally. Among them is the Whoodle which is a crossbreed between an Irish Wolfhound and Poodle. The main aim behind creating this particular mixed breed was to bring together all the good qualities found in each parent breed. Hence, resulting in one perfect wolfhound poodle cross pet for any household environment including those living with allergies.

Irish Wolfhound Background Information

Ancient history shows us that Irish Wolfhounds have been known since time immemorial because they were so large yet gentle! These hounds were bred in Ireland mainly to hunt wolves. However, they also acted as protectors around homes where people lived during those days due to their loyalty towards humans. Thus, making them great friends even though can scare others away due to size alone.

Poodle Background Information

On the other hand, we cannot forget about Poodles when talking about designer dogs! This is because they have been quite famous across Europe for many centuries. Originally from Germany where it worked as a duck hunter before being standardized in France which made people realize that besides hunting ability, this breed can also perform well during circus shows and become a symbol of elegance among French aristocrats.

They are very smart dogs that can be trained easily – not to mention their curly hypoallergenic coats. The coats have made them so popular among modern breeders who want to create new breeds that do not shed much hair.

How Whoodles Were Developed

Wolfhound poodle cross breeding was initiated to produce larger size dogs with less aggression. Moreover, it helped integrate non-shedding nature of the poodle’s coat and sharp mind into the Irish wolfhound. Hence, these two breeds are different when it comes to family pets especially those dealing with allergies.

The first recorded deliberate Whoodle mating occurred towards the end of the 20th century. This was at a time when people were beginning to show interest in designer dogs. Breeders wanted animals that would combine desirable traits from both Irish Wolfhounds and Poodles. Thus, resulting in companionship animals having loyalty alongside manageable fur for individuals sensitive to allergens.

Whoodles have started to make a name for themselves in the pet community as their popularity grows. Their appearance, intelligence, and temperament are treasured by their owners who see them as being unique among other pets. Whoodles are loved around the world even if they are not recognized by any major kennel club due to being a hybrid breed, which is generally not accepted.

Backgrounds of Irish Wolfhounds and Poodles should be understood if we want to appreciate what makes Whoodle puppies special. This information can help people decide whether or not these dogs would be suitable for them and also assist with caring for this amazing breed.

Physical Attributes

Being a cross between an Irish Wolfhound and a Poodle means that Whoodles inherit many different physical attributes from both parents. Therefore, this part of the article will look into sizes; coat types; coloration variations; and overall look that distinguishes Whoodles from other breeds.

Variability in Sizes

The size of one Whoodle can differ greatly depending mainly on what kind of poodle was used during breeding. They come in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy. When crossed with Irish Wolfhound usually results in bigger dogs. These range between 50 – 70 pounds while those bred using Miniature/ Toy Poodle tend to produce smaller ones weighing about 25-45 lbs. However, regardless its body is strong enough proportioned well showing off typical signs of hybrid vigor such as broader shoulders than a wavy tail, etc.

Types Of Coats And How To Maintain Them

One factor that contributes most towards making people fall in love with the Whoodle is its coat. It may slightly wave or curl like that found on a poodle. The fact that it comes in various such as slightly wavy-haired type also plays a significant role in their popularity especially among people allergic to pets. The majority pf them inherit hypoallergenic qualities from one parent (poodle). Depending on more dominant genes either father or mother has there might appear denser coats similar to wolves while others may show tighter curls characteristic of poodle breeds.

Taking care of the Whoodle’s coat is very important and can sometimes be quite labor-intensive. To avoid tangling or matting, regular grooming sessions must be done even though these animals are known as low shedders. It is recommended that you brush them at least twice per week besides taking for professional grooming every 6 -8 weeks.

Variations In Colors

Whoodles come in different colors because both parent breeds had wide-ranging palette to begin with. Some common hues include black, white, gray, and brown among others. Moreover, some may have patches where one color fades into another forming unique patterns not seen elsewhere.

Traits borrowed from either breed

Observing their physical attributes might help us figure out which parent contributed more towards a particular feature. For instance, some can inherit Irish wolfhounds’ sleek elongated bodies. However, others take after poodles’ compact muscular build instead. Similarly, facial structures too differ across various individuals but generally resemble those found in wolves more than any other type

To comprehend the Whoodle’s physical features, potential owners must understand how these dogs might look and what they need for grooming. This also means knowing how such characteristics can affect their lifestyle. This includes space requirements and exercise needs – making the Whoodle an interesting pet for those who are ready.

Temperament and Behavior

Being a mix of Irish Wolfhound and Poodle, the Whoodle inherits different kinds of behaviors. This makes it an exciting but at times hard to predict dog. This part will talk about general temperament, the influence of parent breeds on behavior, and compatibility with various family settings.

General Temperament

The common trait among Whoodles is their friendliness towards others. They are often intelligent like Poodles yet have calm natures that come with being gentle such as Irish Wolfhounds. Because of this, they make great pets for families. This is because most of them show a lot of love toward people around them including children. However, due to its smartness sometimes it may require high levels of activity! So, they do not get bored easily because such dogs tend to be very energetic!

Influence Of Parent Breeds On Behavior

From The Poodle: Many times these animals inherit quick-thinking capabilities from poodles. This makes them fast learners who respond well to obedience training. However, if this intelligence isn’t redirected through regular mental & physical exercises then it can result in obstinacy.

From The Irish Wolfhound: One can see signs of patience together with less aggression owing to the influence of the Irish wolfhound part. Such pets don’t usually show strong predatory drives but still keep up certain levels of alertness, thus, being quite good watchdogs.

Compatibility With Families, Children And Other Pets

Whoodles are able to live happily within different types of homes including those with kids or other animals. They have friendly personalities that can help them relate easily with children as long they are introduced to each other while still young. In general, these dogs tolerate much and stay calm but around very small kids should be supervised at all times due to their size plus energy levels which may lead to accidental harm.

Whoodle dogs get along well with other pets especially when raised together from infancy stages. Nevertheless, the socialization process must expose them to various situations, objects, and animals, etc.

Behavioral Considerations

It would be good for anyone planning to own a Whoodle dog to consider potential separation anxiety. It occurs when leaving such pets alone over extended periods. Being social beings, they love interacting with others! Thus, failure to do so causes them to find something to take themselves out of boredom. Therefore, exercising regularly, and keeping the mind occupied through playing games are among the ways to deal with issues effectively.

Generally speaking; whoodles exhibit a wide range of personalities making them suitable companions in different residential setups and capable of creating strong lasting bonds with their owners. As with any breed, they would require proper training and consistent socializing as well understanding of blend traits inherited from Irish Wolfhound Poodle.

Health and Lifespan

Whoodle dogs are typically healthy because of the so-called hybrid vigor that they inherit as mixed breeds. Nonetheless, there are some health issues that can be passed down from Irish Wolfhounds and Poodles. Among these are hip dysplasia, a hereditary condition that affects the hip joint; von Willebrand’s disease, which is a bleeding disorder inherited from both parent breeds. Regular health checks may help control or prevent many conditions; life expectancy ranges around 12–15 years with them. Taking a proactive stance using regular veterinary care alongside nutritious feeding should lead to long life in Whoodles.

Care and Grooming

The curly-haired dense coat of most wolfhound poodle cross requires attentive care and grooming if it is to remain clean and healthy. To avoid matting brush your pet’s fur several times each week; have them professionally groomed every 6–8 weeks too! Furthermore, Whoodle dogs need routine exercises that will enable them to burn off excess energy while keeping fit at all times. An active lifestyle coupled with good nutrition forms the basis for their general well-being.

Training and Socialization

Training Whoodle puppies may prove to be very rewarding due to their high intelligence levels combined with eagerness-to-please attitudes displayed during learning sessions. It also helps if one starts socializing with them early enough. Hence, this should form part of any owner’s program for taking care of these pets since failure might lead to maladjusted canines that nobody wants around them. So, why not train properly right from scratch, right?

Positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcement because it creates a friendly atmosphere within which more things can easily be learned. Thus, enhancing relationships between people and their pets even further. While training do not forget to expose different individuals among other things as well as a variety of places events sounds etc thus creating a self-confident dog altogether.

Breeding and Puppy Selection

When thinking about bringing home a wolfhound poodle cross, make sure you find reputable breeders only. Choose breeders who have all the necessary documentation to prove that both parents were healthy at the time of mating which resulted in the birth. In addition, such breeders may allow potential buyers to meet other puppies from the same litter as well as the mother or father dog if they are available there.

Doing so will provide an opportunity for one to get some idea regarding what kind of future health or temperament can be expected out of these little ones. It is believed that certain traits could be inherited through genes passed on by either parent during the conception period. Hence, knowledge about this matter always comes in handy when buying any type of animal – not just dogs alone!

And lastly don’t forget to pay extra money for quality animals because good things never come cheap, remember? So expect higher prices than usual around town – especially when dealing with top notch suppliers who offer additional services. These include vaccinations together with microchipping as part of the initial package.


Whoodles take after the best attributes of Irish Wolfhounds and Poodles. Thus, making them suitable for people in different age groups including families, singles as well senior citizens. Besides being friendly intelligent cross-breeds, they also possess hypoallergenic coats that do not shed easily. Therefore, allergies due to pet hairs should no longer worry anyone at all!  Therefore, training, socializing, and caring must, however, continue towards these breeds! This is to ensure that we can have happy healthy long relationships with these charming dogs all along.

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