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Do Goldendoodles Like to Cuddle?

Goldendoodles are one of the friendliest and most affectionate dog breeds. With their sweet, gentle nature, it’s no wonder so many dog owners wonder do goldendoodles like to cuddle!

This hybrid dog breed combines the playful energy of the Golden Retriever with the intelligence and low-shedding coat of the Poodle. The result is an outgoing, loving family dog that thrives when given lots of quality time and physical affection.

In this article, we’ll dive into the cuddly traits that make Goldendoodles such excellent companion dogs. Learn what contributes to their affectionate personality and need for closeness.

Discover how much they enjoy and seek out snuggling with their favorite humans. And find tips for maximizing your cuddle time with your Goldendoodle pup. Let’s explore why Goldendoodles have built a reputation as one of the most cuddly dog breeds suitable for owners looking for a furry friend to get cozy with!

Goldendoodle Breed Background

To understand why do goldendoodles like to cuddle, let’s look at the background of the two parent breeds used to create this popular hybrid dog:

Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppy

The golden retriever is an exceptionally friendly, affectionate breed renowned for their gentle nature. Goldens were originally bred in Scotland as gundogs to retrieve waterfowl but soon gained popularity as loving family companions.

Handlers intentionally bred goldens to have a docile, people-pleasing temperament that makes them very communicative and eager to bond with their human owners. As a result, goldens enthusiastically seek out affection, play, and attention from their favorite people.


brown poodle puppy on blue carpet

Poodles have an impressive history as intelligent working dogs skilled at a wide array of jobs from hunting, to agility, to circus performing. Beneath their elegant grooming, poodles are incredibly smart, trainable dogs renowned for their upbeat attitude.

They form close attachments with their owners and are eager to please. Poodles thrive when given lots of mental stimulation and quality time with their cherished people.


When you cross a golden with a poodle, you get a hybrid dog that blends the best traits of both parent breeds. Goldendoodles inherited the poodle’s intelligence and low-shedding coat and the golden’s famously amiable temperament and desire to be close to their “person.”

The outcome is an affectionate, gentle dog with outstanding versatility. It’s no surprise that goldendoodles have fast become one of the most popular hybrid breeds, adored for their warm, cuddly nature.

Why Goldendoodles Love to Cuddle

Several key traits contribute to the Goldendoodle’s reputation as an exceptionally snuggly canine companion.

People-Pleasing Personality

Goldendoodles are often described as “velcro dogs” because of their strong desire to be constantly by their owner’s side. They inherited the poodle’s eagerness to please and the golden retriever’s friendly nature that strives for human approval and interaction.

Goldendoodles bond very deeply with their families. This loyal, people-oriented personality translates to enthusiastically seeking out cuddles and physical closeness with their favorite humans.

Highly Affectionate

As hybrids of two famously friendly breeds, Goldendoodles are extremely affectionate dogs. They love giving and receiving affection in the form of snuggles, and kisses, playing games, and spending quality time with the humans they adore.

Goldendoodles are often very gentle and careful when showing affection to children. Their sweet, loving temperament makes them cherished family pets.

Love of Play

Goldendoodles have an abundance of energy and love of play. They’ll eagerly entertain themselves with toys for hours but even more, enjoy lively interactive play with their owners.

A game of fetch, tug of war, or chase will have your goldendoodle pup begging for more. After tiring themselves out playing, Goldendoodles are likely to collapse happily in your lap for a good long cuddle session!

Intelligent and Eager to Please

As one of the smartest dog breeds, Goldendoodles thrive when given mental stimulation along with physical exercise. Their high intelligence inherited from poodles makes training Goldendoodles easy and enjoyable.

They pick up commands quickly and aim to please their owners. You can teach your Goldendoodle to enjoy snuggling on cue with positive reinforcement training.

Sensitive Nature

Goldendoodles tend to have a sensitive, empathetic nature. They are very tuned into the moods and emotions of their humans. Goldendoodles often seem to know just when their owner needs some comfort and closeness.

They take their role as companions very seriously and will happily snuggle in close to provide warm, fuzzy support when you need it most.

Enjoy Being Close to Their People

Goldendoodles were bred specifically as companion dogs so they could thrive living in close contact with people. This means they aren’t content being left alone for long periods – they want to be constantly by your side!

Goldendoodles will follow you from room to room just to be near you and often choose to sleep right next to your bed. Proximity to their cherished humans makes Goldendoodles feel happy and secure.

With their affectionate personality, intelligence, energetic play drive, empathy, and desire for togetherness, Goldendoodles have the ideal temperament to be amazing cuddle buddies!

Signs Your Goldendoodle Loves Cuddling

do goldendoodles love to cuddle

Goldendoodles make their fondness for snuggling and being close quite evident through their behavior. Watch for these signs that indicate your Goldendoodle wants to cuddle:

  • Resting their head on your lap or leaning their body against your legs
  • Curling up right next to you on the couch or bed
  • Climbing into your lap unprompted
  • Pawing at you requesting attention
  • Gazing at you with their big, expressive eyes
  • Approaching with a toy in their mouth to initiate play
  • Sitting on your feet or resting a paw on your arm to keep you close
  • Rolling over for belly rubs and giving kisses
  • Following you around from room to room not wanting you out of sight

Goldendoodles will often solicit cuddles by bringing over a favorite toy or bone to get your attention. Take advantage of these invites for some one-on-one bonding time. You’ll have a lifelong cuddle buddy rewarding your affection!

Tips for Cuddling Your Goldendoodle

Now that you know Goldendoodles love to snuggle, here are some tips for maximizing your cuddle time together:

Create a Cozy Space

Set up a comfy dog bed next to the couch or your favorite chair and encourage your goldendoodle to rest there. Having their own space makes it more inviting to remain close by you.

Schedule Set Cuddle Sessions

Dogs thrive on routine. Set aside dedicated times during the day just for calm snuggling and petting together on the couch or bed.

Incorporate Cuddles Into Playtime

After tiring your Goldendoodle out playing, transition to cuddling together on the floor. The bonding oxytocin released during play primes them for further closeness.

Snuggle During Grooming

Pair cuddling with grooming activities like brushing, toenail trims, or massage. This converts grooming into a rewarding bonding experience.

Try Cuddling When Leashing Up

Clipping on the leash is a perfect opportunity for a quick snuggle. It transitions your dog into a calm state for going on a walk.

Cuddle After Meals

Set aside 5-10 minutes after mealtimes for low-key snuggling before getting up from the table or your dog’s feeding area.

Use Treats and Praise as Rewards

Verbally praise and give treats for joining you on the sofa or settling close by your feet. Positive reinforcement will motivate your pup to seek more cozy time.

Invite Them Up

If your Goldendoodle hesitates to jump up on furniture, invite them up for snuggles. You can also sit on the floor to get down to their level for cuddling.

Taking advantage of natural daily activities by incorporating some one-on-one snuggle time is a great way to fulfill your Goldendoodle’s cuddling needs while strengthening your bond. With patience and persistence, you’ll have the snuggle buddy of your dreams!

Snuggle-Friendly Goldendoodle Characteristics


Certain physical traits and tendencies of Goldendoodles also lend themselves perfectly to cuddling:

Fluffy Coat

Goldendoodles have a fluffy, lightly wavy coat thanks to their poodle lineage. Their soft curls seem specially designed for maximum snuggling comfort! Burying your hands in that thick fur gives infinite sensory pleasure for both dog and human.

Compact Size

Most Goldendoodles reach 40-60 pounds as adults. Their medium size makes them the perfect cuddle buddy – not too tiny but still able to fit on your lap well into adulthood! Holding a squirming 100lb dog on your lap may prove trickier.

Enjoy Being Held

Thanks to their smaller size, Goldendoodles tend to enjoy being picked up and held close. The delight Goldendoodle pups show when scooped into your arms frequently remains into adulthood. It facilitates easier snuggling compared to large breeds that prefer to have their own space.

Sweet Disposition

Goldendoodles have an inherently gentle, patient temperament, even as pups. This allows them to tolerate fidgety kids and enthusiastic toddler hugs. Proper early socialization ensures your Goldendoodle grows up fond of cuddling all family members.

Eagerness to Please

The poodle’s intelligence and trainability manifest in Goldendoodles as an earnest eagerness to please their owners. This means Goldendoodles can be taught to enjoy any type of physical handling from nail trims to teeth brushing. With time and positive reinforcement, you can condition your Goldendoodle to delight in snuggling.

From their fluffy hugs to the ability to sit calmly in your lap, Goldendoodles are pretty much custom-made for cuddling comfort! Their blend of traits and temperament make them champions at this favored canine pastime.

Best Ways to Cuddle With Your Goldendoodle

Once you’ve taught your Goldendoodle to enjoy snuggling through regular positive reinforcement training, the cuddle possibilities are endless! You know why do Goldendoodles like to cuddle, but how to cuddle is another question. Here are some favorite ways to get cozy with your Goldendoodle buddy:

Couch Cuddles

Invite your Goldendoodle up on the sofa and let them snuggle in close to your side or even sit on your lap. Gently stroke their fur as you watch TV together for relaxing bonding time.

Slumber Party

Let your Goldendoodle sleep on your bed for the ultimate nighttime snuggle fest. Just be sure to set some ground rules first so it remains comfortable for both of you.

Puppy Pillow

Use your Goldendoodle as a living stuffed animal for tummy time with an infant or have your toddler read them stories curled up together. Supervise carefully and teach gentle touch.

Comfy Camper

Bring a dog bed along for family camping trips. At night, call your Goldendoodle into your tent for warm feet and close cuddling in the great outdoors.

Office Assistant

Consider allowing your adult Goldendoodle to visit you at work for some midday snuggle breaks. Their presence can help elevate moods and reduce stress!

Furry Foot Warmer

Have your Goldendoodle lay on your feet underneath a blanket on chilly nights to keep your toes toasty as you drift off to sleep.

Goldendoodles make wonderful therapy dogs because of their exceptional snuggling skills. But you don’t have to leave home to enjoy the comforting benefits of cuddling your furry friend. Find creative ways to work more snuggle time into both your daily routines and special occasions.

When Goldendoodles Don’t Want to Cuddle

woman carrying tan poodle puppy

While most Goldendoodles are born snugglers, individuals can vary in their exact temperament. Some pups may be a little more aloof or independent. Senior Goldendoodles often prefer more space as they age. And there are certain situations in which your Goldendoodle may not feel like cuddling:

High Energy

Goldendoodle pups have bountiful energy and may be too wired to settle for snuggles until thoroughly exercised first. Take a long walk or engage in active play to help them burn off steam beforehand.


If there are a lot of guests over or noise and commotion in your home, your Goldendoodle may have trouble focusing on cuddling. Wait for a calmer environment.

Needs Space

At times, every dog wants some alone time. If your Goldendoodle goes off on its own, respect its need for space and try cuddling later.


Your Goldendoodle may be going through a fear stage or dealing with anxiety that prohibits closeness. Work on socialization and confidence building first.


Physical discomfort understandably diminishes any dog’s desire for petting and handling. Have your vet examine your dog if this persists.

Too Hot

Dogs overheat easily. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature before initiating snuggle sessions.

While the majority of Goldendoodles live for cuddles, individual preferences will vary. Pay attention to your pup’s unique personality and cues to determine when they are in the mood for snuggling and when they’d rather be left alone. With understanding and patience, you’ll discover how to fulfill your individual dog’s needs for affection.

Fostering Cuddling From Puppyhood

To set your Goldendoodle puppy up for maximum snuggling success as an adult, begin nurturing their love of being close from a young age. Here are some tips:

Get On Their Level

Sit on the floor frequently when interacting with your Goldendoodle puppy. Let them climb onto your lap and reward them with treats. Being handled from underneath helps build confidence.

Pair Praise With Touch

Verbalize positive praise whenever petting or holding your Goldendoodle puppy. This links physical touch with a pleasant emotional response.

Encourage Nap Time Together

Let your sleepy puppy nap on your lap or right next to you on the sofa. This socializes them to enjoy resting together.

Discourage Nipping

If your excitable goldendoodle pup gets mouthy, immediately withdraw attention. This teaches them gentle touch gets rewarded with more snuggles.

Respect Their Limits

If your puppy squirms away from too much handling, give them space. Forcing closeness can cause negative associations. Go at their pace.

Keep Sessions Brief

Young puppies have short attention spans. Keep cuddling bouts brief at first to avoid overstimulation. Gradually increase snuggle duration.

Watch For Signs of Contentment

Relaxed body language like a loose wagging tail, floppy ears, and soft facial expressions indicate your puppy is enjoying the snuggle fest.

Make It Fun!

Pair cuddles with treats, toys, singing silly songs, and gentle belly rubs. You want your puppy’s early impressions of physical affection to be happy ones.

When socialized thoughtfully, Goldendoodle puppies grow into adults who adore cuddling just as much as their people do. Put in the early work now for years of snuggle-filled enjoyment ahead with your furry best friend!

Benefits of Cuddling Your Goldendoodle

Benefits of Mini Goldendoodles as Family Dogs

So, you know by now why do goldendoodles like to cuddle? That special bond of affection you share when cuddling with your Goldendoodle benefits both dog and human alike in myriad ways.

Increases Oxytocin

Physical touch causes the release of oxytocin, the “love hormone” responsible for feelings of bonding, security, and contentment in both people and dogs. More snuggles = more oxytocin = happier relationship!

Lowers Stress

The oxytocin released when stroking a dog has been scientifically proven to lower cortisol levels indicating reduced stress and anxiety. Snuggle your pooch after a long day!

Strengthens Your Bond

Regular, positive interactions through activities like cuddling reinforce the attachment between you and your dog for a deeper relationship.

Improves Training

Dogs are more responsive to training when their bond with you is strong. Snuggle time strengthens that human-canine connection.

Enhances Health

Cuddling a furry friend has been shown to decrease pain sensitivity, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity in humans. The calming effect provides tangible health benefits.

Increases Confidence

Regular handling from a young age makes a puppy more confident with being touched as an adult. This facilitates handling grooming, vet visits, and injury treatment.

Provides Comfort

Dogs are remarkably intuitive creatures. Cuddling with your Goldendoodle can provide you with immeasurable comfort and reassurance when you feel distressed or blue.

Relieves Your Separation Anxiety Too!

Dogs aren’t the only ones to get anxious when apart. Cuddling your pup offers reassurance they are still there for you.

For both psychological and physiological health perks, don’t underestimate the healing power of a good snuggle with your loyal Goldendoodle buddy. The benefits of touch apply across species!


When considering adding a Goldendoodle to your family, you can expect enthusiastic wet kisses, tail wags, toy exchanges, and requests for laps to climb into! This hybrid dog breed excels at giving and soliciting affection in all its forms.

Goldendoodles epitomizes what it means to be a true companion dog.  Their inherited traits like high intelligence, eagerness to please, energetic play drive, sensitivity, and desire for closeness with humans make them champion snugglers.

While individuals may vary, most Goldendoodles thoroughly enjoy cuddling and thrive when given ample quality time bonding with their favorite person. Sharing your couch and bed with your Goldendoodle for regular snuggle sessions enhances your relationship exponentially.

Goldendoodles make their fondness for physical closeness and being petted abundantly clear. Reward their affectionate advances by creating a consistent routine with set cuddle times built into each day. Use treats, praise, and play to positively reinforce your puppy enjoying human touch from a young age.

Incorporating snuggles into grooming and training deepens the trust between you. Offer patience if your adolescent or senior Goldendoodle prefers more space occasionally. With an understanding of your dog’s unique personality and proper early socialization, you are sure to have a blissfully cuddly companion for life.

The health benefits of oxytocin released when stroking your furry friend extend to both humans and dogs. Regular snuggles with your affectionate goldendoodle pup reduce stress, strengthen your bond, enhance communication, provide comfort, and improve overall well-being for you both.

When it comes to reaping the proven psychological and physiological advantages of positive touch, dogs truly are our best friends! Bringing a Goldendoodle into your home essentially guarantees endless cuddle opportunities with your new favorite snuggle buddy.

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